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When you take us Home.

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

When you take us home, we might be scared. There are a few steps to follow, even with well socialized buns like my siblings and I.

1. Place us in our new home and let us be ourselves for a few days.

2. Feed us the pellets you were given by the previous human and slowly introduce the new pellets.

3. Go about your normal activities. Let us get used to the new noises and smells.

4. Sit near us, don't pay attention to us (maybe scroll through our Instagram page), and let us get to know your smell. Once we stay near you, try to pet us.

5. Although my siblings and I don't mind getting picked up, maybe save this for later when we are acclimated to you and our surroundings.

6. Set up a routine for us and we will gain confidence in our surroundings. In no time, we will be picked up without panicking and come to you for pets and kisses!

Unlike other places, we are picked up and petted every day. My siblings and I love getting petted. Like my father, Bolt, most of us like giving our humans kisses. This is what makes us special! If you get a bun that is not from us and you have any trouble bonding with them, send us a message and my humans will be happy to help!

Make sure to subscribe to our website, Instagram, and Facebook to get tips on how to take care of us and updates on my family and I.

-Ru the Ruler

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