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White Minibuses


We use transports to get our rabbits to you! We reserve the right to refuse transfer of animals in cases that we feel adequate care and/or basic needs may not be met. We do our best to coordinate with transporters but generally do not travel beyond the map below (left picture). We also travel to shows (right picture) and can drop off on our way to a show.

Below are lists of transports that we have used and not used yet and are willing to use. Please see our sales policy for more information on transport.

Transports we have used

Transports we are willing to use

Raisin Trails Transport

Haulin’ Tail Transport

Hippity Hop Express

Bunny Butt Rabbitry/Transport

Wild Hops Transport

Colleen Wagner

Where we meet transports

2 Hour Transport.png

States where we show

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