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What Makes a Pampered Lionhead

At the Pampered Lionheads Rabbitry, we take special care of our rabbits and train them to become the perfect pet for your family. Our lionheads are kept inside so that they are accustomed to people, pets, and household noises (tv sounds, radio, etc.). They live in the spacious Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Cage, each with their own floor. They love being able to jump to their half second floor and back down. The males tend to spray (because they are not neutered) so we use the Critter Nation Cage Cover to prevent the spray from going everywhere.


When we get a new bun from another rabbitry, we quarantine them for 30 days in a separate room. We use the Homey Pet Cage. This cage allows their poop to fall into a pan so we can later inspect it for any problems. Since it does have a wire bottom we add cage mats for their comfort. 



Hay is one of the most essential food items for rabbits. We first started with Oxbow's Western Timothy Hay. Their favorite is Farmer Dave's Medley Hay, but because of shipping, it is a bit pricey. So we only give them Farmer Dave’s once in a while. We have tried several hay brands, including StandLee, Small Pet Select, and Grandpa’s Best. Our bunnies loved them all so we buy whichever has a sale. We feed our adults Oxbow Rabbit Pellets and our pregnant does and babies Oxbow Young Rabbit Pellets. Each rabbit has their own water bowl and food bowl, but each has a different hay rack. We are not sure which we like better yet.


With all of the yummy and nutritious food, they produce a lot of poop! So we tried a couple of potty pans and loved the Humorous.P Small Animal Litter Pet Toilet Pan. We have also tried plenty of litters and found Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter the best. We also provide every bun with their own Rite Farm Products Salt Mineral Lick as a tasty treat and nutritious supplement. 



Every bun needs their exercises. Although they have 9 square feet and two floors to run around, they still need some exercise and we also love playing with them. Every day we allow all of our buns to exercise using the SONGMICS Pet Playpen as a three by three feet playpen until they seem tired. We also handle our babies on a daily basis. They love climbing on top of us and being petted. Many of our buns have also developed an obsession with giving kisses! They are very sweet and are not afraid of other animals or humans. This is what makes our buns special. We take extra care of our buns and make sure they are socialized to be accustomed to being picked up, petted, animals, and household noises. Our buns are the perfect family addition!


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