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Playtime and Toys!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022


Bunny playtime is an essential part of their lives. I mean, who doesn’t love to play?

One of our favorite toys is the tunnel. They love zipping in and around them, chasing each other. They are basically indestructible, and it has lasted us over a year. Plus when it’s not in use, they come with a nifty bag to store it in.

Our rabbit loves to play with balls, especially ones that drop a treat. We usually put a small amount of Oxbow pellets in the ball and that will last them hours of play time. For the best deal, we recommend getting the bundle: 2 balls or 3 balls. It’s almost the same price as one ball, so we got the 3 ball bundle. They also love balls that jingle. You’ll never lose your rabbit in the house again. All you have to do is follow the jingle!

Some of our rabbits also love to unstack the stacking cups. Yes, they’re made for babies but rabbits can play with them too! Some people also suggest baby keys, but we do not as some buns try to eat them.

Rabbits love to CHEW. Toys that double as dental care and relieve boredom is always a win-win. The benefit of “natural” toys is that it can also help file your rabbit’s teeth, which is an essential part of their dental care. If you rabbit loves balls, we recommend this bundle of balls. Some balls have large enough gaps for you to put treats in them (or a small bell). Another toy that doubles as dental care are loofahs. Be careful as to buy the natural ones (ones grown from gourds) and not the plastic ones. Or, you can grow your own loofahs from seed. There are also hanging natural toys that rabbits love. Some of our buns love them because they like standing up and reaching for them. Others are not as interested. To each their own! This particular bundle has both balls, loofahs, and hanging toys. Try some out and see what your rabbit likes.

These palm leaf trays triples as a snack holder, a treat, and dental care. Basically, it’s an after-snack after their snack!

If you want to restrict your rabbit play area to a specific area, there are several options. There are some foldable options for playpens. This one has similar materials as the tunnels, and you can close the top so your rabbit can’t Spiderman its way up and jump out. Over the years, we learned that we need something that offers a 360 degree enclosure. We’ve tried these snappable playpens, and they mostly stop the rabbits from jumping out because they’re so high up. A little pricey but aesthetically pleasing. Plus you can build them big enough so YOU can also play with your bun inside them. We also have these wire snappable playpens, and we only have larger rabbits play in them. The babies just wiggle out of the wires!

All in all, we hope that you and your bun have a great time. Try a variety of toys and see which they like. And it never hurts to switch things up either. Have fun!

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